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FALL 2013 Leadership

Maria Alvarado
Major: Chicano Studies/ Pre-Med
Year: Sophomore
Why Habitat?
"I chose Habitat because we all deserve to have a home. We all need someplace where we should feel safe. Habitat does that for families. It gives them hope, a new start".

Kirsten Pouri
Vice President
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Minor: Ancient History
Year: Sophomore
Why Habitat?
"I joined Habitat for Humanity because it is a wide known organization that helps less fortunate people. I also joined this organization because I truly believe in our main goal to end poverty, and Habitat for Humanity has certainly done extraordinary things to try and achieve that goal. Habitat for Humanity members don't only build homes, they also build friendships, hope  and love".

Mitchell Michaelis
Major: Construction Management
Why Habitat?
"Everyone deserves to have a place called home. I want to help make that happen for those that don't."

Toni Mitchell
Major: Television Production
Minor: Pan-African Studies
Year: Junior
Why Habitat?
"I joined Habitat for Humanity because I have volunteered at homeless shelters before and I have witnessed women and children (especially young women) become homeless due to the simple fact that they could not afford housing. Habitat for Humanity builds homes for families and give them the foundation to start over with their new homes."

Diana Benitez
Major: Urban Planning
Minor: Geographic Information Science
Year: Senior
Why Habitat?
"Habitat is an amazing organization with a great cause.  I believe in our mission to end poverty! I have been intrigued by housing and I love what we do! We BUILD homes, hopes, dreams, smiles, friendships and communities!"

We are always looking for new ideas and new people to help us BUILD!

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